Quest for business

VR Quest Entertainment provides Virtual Reality experiences from Meta Quest, using the latest portable Quest 2 headsets. Providing virtual meeting spaces for business and interactive gaming for consumers. The demonstration shows the possibilities of meeting online in a virtual world, and the casual games and interactive experiences possible with the Quest 2 headsets and programs from Meta.

Horizon Workrooms from Meta is the latest interactive tool for meetings, and a great alternative to Teams or Zoom sessions. Try this new experience and hold your meeting in the metaverse. Workrooms projects a virtual table over your real table, giving you a feeling that you really are sitting at normal meeting.

You can also stand up and walk over to the whiteboard to give an interactive presentation.

VR Quest can provide demonstrations of the Meta VR business tools, organize workshops and rent or lease Meta Quest 2 headsets for your VR projects.

Contact: or telephone: 06-42699112 for a VR demonstration on virtual reality for your business.